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I love the challenge of creating and choosing fabrics and especially the results. There's always something new to learn in the world of sewing, the spectrum is truly bright.

Basic Wallet Patterns

This weekend the Basic Wallet pattern is saying goodbye and heading off into pattern retirement.  So this will be the last chance to order this pattern.  To make the final farewell extra special, an additional set of pieces to make a “Long Wallet” version of this pouch will be delivered with the pattern.
The Long Wallet is great for a phone, small set of keys, cards, and few other trinkets.  It is also perfect for a checkbook, pen, and stamps.  If you still need to use a few paper checks each month, the long wallet is a sweet place to store them.

The Basic Wallet pattern was really a first in a few different ways.  It was the first time these things showed up:

  • strategic cutting to ease bulk in the corners
  • a tip for sewing corners
  • a simple trick to keep pockets from gaping open
  • seam grading

The pattern and extra pieces have been combined into in a zip file that can be ordered here. If you already have this pattern, go to this blog post to find the extra pattern pieces.

I am alive, thank you so much for asking!! Admittedly I’ve lost my sewing mojo but have managed to finish my tutorial which will be released next week and I did finish my Simply Solids BOM, YAY! May’s block was selected by Shena of Apple Pie Patchwork and she has an interesting, fun way of making flying geese.

Alberta Triangle

Alberta Triangle

I won’t lie, I got the measurements screwed up TWICE and it wasn’t until Shena pointed it out that I finally got it! After I finished the block, I thought it looked a lot like the old CBC (Canadian Broadcast Corporation) logo and others agreed. :D











Help Lots a Dogs!

This Friday, Michelle Patterns is offering $5.00 off any purchase of hardware of $20.00. This is the last Friday of the month and all affiliate earnings will be donated to LotsaDogs Rescue tomorrow at the Six Legged Hike to raise money to help homeless pups.

LotsaDogs Rescue not only takes in dogs from around the Ontario, Canada area but they also travel to the U.S. and take in dogs slated to be euthanized. So if you donate to LotsaDogs, you’re helping American dogs too!

Stay Tuned June 1st when I get back to sewing with a special tutorial!

Document Envelope & Tablet Sleeve

We’re back today with a couple more Michelle Patterns’ $5 deals; a Document Envelope  combined with the Tablet Computer Sleeve pattern pieces for the $5 Friday special this week.

Both of these documents are “Just Pattern Pieces” (no instructions) for those of you who already know how to sew them.  These are simple pouches and the same construction as many of my other patterns.

The Document Envelope is a big pouch designed for carrying files, paperwork, magazines, etc.

The Tablet Computer Sleeves are simple pouches for iPads, other tablet computers, or whatever else you can think to store inside.

Both documents are available together for $5, or you can order the files individually.


All affiliate proceeds till the end of May will be donated to LotsaDogs Rescue. I will be participating in their Six Legged Hike taking place on Saturday, May 25th, it’s an 8km hike and I’ll be walking Billy, a super sweet Saint Bernard, Boxer mix who is looking for a great home.

Another Michelle Patterns SALE!

Michelle is saying goodbye to 8 more patterns for only $5.00! Her last bulk sale was super popular so I thought you might be interested in taking advantage of this one!

Patterns include:

• Bracelet Bag
• Cross-Body Bag
• Laptop Sleeve
• Pocket Clutch
• Messenger Bag
• Fold-Over Clutch
• Zip Clutches
• Inset Zip Clutch & Pouch

Click here to purchase this group of patterns.

Don’t forget that all affiliate proceeds earned from Michelle Patterns till the end of May will  be donated to LotsaDogs Rescue!

Happy Friday!!

Juki TL-2000 Qi for sale

First I want to thank everyone who commented on my post yesterday, I am overwhelmed with your kind wishes and encouragement! I am very sad to inform you all that I have to sell my amazing Juki, but it must be done.

TL-2000Qi_lg copy

Yesterday hubby came home early and we went car shopping for my new business, (Durham Dog Walking and Pet Services) and got THIS:



A 2003 Volvo V70 AWD with leather seats, sunroof and A/C, I LOVE it!! Renamed the “Durham Dog Waggin'”, this über safe vehicle will assist me as I shuttle my pet pals around town.

So while I’m building my new business, Juki will need to find a new loving home where he can be loved and appreciated. (Sorry, local pick-up only.)

Don’t forget that all affiliate proceeds from the sale of Michelle Patterns till the end of May will be donated to LotsaDogs Rescue!

A new adventure!

As some of you may know, I’ve been unemployed for about 10 months now. I’ve been unhappy and discouraged with being an “Administrative Assistant” for which there seems to be billions in the Toronto area, all vying for the same job.

Cookie and I, I'm the one with the glasses.

Cookie and I (I’m the one with the glasses).

Last weekend I put an ad on Kijiji offering my dog walking services. After all, I have two dogs of my own, I worked at a veterinary hospital for 6 years in various capacities and took an agressive dog course.

So yesterday, I registered my business name, got a license and a tax number! Durham Dog Walking and Pet Services is now legit!

Tonight we’re looking at various vehicles and the second I get my first customer, I’m purchasing insurance.

There’s a lot of advertising I have yet to do like flyers and business cards, I’ve set up a Facebook page and have started a blog.

Sadly, this means I won’t be sewing and blogging as much anymore. I will continue to participate in the Simply Solids Bee and there’s a super secret project I’m working on but I need to pound the pavement to be successful.

Thank you all for your continued support, please wish me luck in my new career!

xoxo Tabatha