Sapphire 850, “Mable”

Four weeks ago I hauled the Baby Lock Crafter’s Choice out of the basement and started sewing again after a 2+ year hiatus. The project? A pair of yoga pants made with raspberry red knit cotton mix. It was surprising easy and an obsession was born.

I’ve been sewing since I was in high school but always chose patters which were too difficult for me and frustration ensued. Skip forward a few decades when I bought a Singer sewing machine from Walmart, $99.00 I think it was, and worthless. I was sewing dog beds with upholstery fabric that the Singer just couldn’t handle.

My wonderful, thoughtful husband, who we shall name “M”, took me to a proper sewing machine dealer where we traded the Singer for a brand new shiny Baby Lock Crafter’s Choice. It is a great machine, it has it’s flaws but every sewing machine does.

Now that I’m constructing garments, I need a more precise machine with digital stitch length (instead of a slider). We went back to the Baby Lock dealer (who said he’d give me $500.00 for my old machine) but reneged on his promise when we arrived in person. We left empty handed and headed for the next dealer. He too was a shyster and again, no deal. We drove the the local Husqvarna dealer where I had my Huskylock 905 in for servicing and on the way out, M noticed the Sapphires on sale.

We discussed them on the way home and I did a bit of research on Thirty minutes later we were back at the Husqvarna dealer and I was getting the walk-through on the Sapphire 835 however, they were selling their floor models and the Sapphire 850 was being discontinued so I got it for 1/2 price!! The ladies at Whitby Fabrics have sent her in for service and a tune-up before handing her over to me tomorrow, can’t wait!!!


Isn’t she gorgeous???

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