So much to sew, so little time

I’m very short on tops in my wardrobe so this morning before work, I spent a great deal of time perusing my favorite pattern maker, Kwik Sew.

I found this adorable top appropriate for most occasions (the yellow one on the right). I could make it in so many different colours and patterns. I like the one on the left too but without the attached sash.

Kwik Sew #3620 Misses' Fitted Blouse

Then I found this tunic, I love how it fits the model!

Kwik Sew #3377 Tunic

And this one (disregard the scary model — see I don’t even have to tell you which one, it’s not just me!)

Kwik Sew #3782 Pullover Tops

Then I found some skirts…

Kwik Sew #3003 A-Line Skirt

Kwik Sew #2954 Misses' Wrap Skirt

My wish list on is now 2 pages long. Now scroll back up to the top of this post and read the title again…


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