It’s too Damn Hot!

Holy hannah it’s hot here in Southern Ontario, 31C! Too damn hot to sew, that’s for sure. I spend all day in an office so after we get home from work, we prefer to sit on our deck under the awning drinking cold beer with fruit (Corona + lime, Rickard’s White + orange) YUM!

However, all is not lost, David P. Coffin’s book is excellent and I’m learning tons though I’m going to have to read it twice and perhaps thrice when I attempt to put his words into practice.

I’m also perusing sewing websites and enjoying them immensely, The Selfish Seamstress and Male Pattern Boldness are always fun and full of drama, I’m also enjoying Eugenia’s (fabulous) world of sewing, Gigi Sews, La Sewista and Gertie’s New Blog for Better Sewing. Thanks ladies and gents, for contributing to this fabulous hobby, I love your blogs!


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