Rolled-Hem Foot Heaven!

Yesterday I purchased a Rolled-Hem Foot from Whitby Fabrics on the advice of David P. Coffin in his book, Shirtmaking. Yesterday morning I had started making Simplicity 3684 and couldn’t sew without the foot. This morning, after a few tests, I sewed the narrow hem with ease and it looks beautiful! I couldn’t be more thrilled and highly recommend you get this foot if you intend to sew tops and shirts! And thanks to Mr. Coffin’s book, my top stitching and edge stitching has improved ten fold.

I’m not happy with my collar on this shirt so I’m going to recut and sew it. It’s a lot of work but worth it!

Simplicity 3684 Almost Complete

Pleated Sleeve Detail

I also finished M’s white linen shirt, it need to go in the laundry to get rid of the makings I made, photos to follow…


3 thoughts on “Rolled-Hem Foot Heaven!

  1. Wow – beautiful blouse. Your version looks so much better than the pattern photo.

    I also recently used a rolled hem foot for the first time and felt like the wheel had been re-invented!!! Suddenly tasks that I had always wanted to do were in reach. I recalled all those very unsatisfying attempts to make a tiny narrow hem by hand and just laughed, suddenly carefree.
    This foot is magic!

    It took some playing with to get it to do the trick, but when it works, it’s gorgeous 🙂 I find that ironing a little fold, then holding the fabric up as it goes into the “roller” helps. Any special tricks?


    • Thanks for your comment and tip Renee, I didn’t iron my hem though it did come to mind. Instead I put pins in every inch or 2. I found rolling while sewing a little too much for me, I needed the help of pins and it worked like a charm. I was afraid that by ironing the hem, the first prong(?) wouldn’t grab the fold.

  2. Thanks for redirecting me to your site. I have a rolled hem foot attachment for my machine but have not used it yet. I am going to get it out, dust it off and see how it works. Even though I got a new machine about 10 years ago I tended to stick to the tried and true ways that I had learned in the past.
    I have a tunic blouse pattern cut out for myself so it should be somewhat forgiving but I am so afraid it is not going to fit. Based on the size of clothes I purchase opposed to the pattern sizes. Been a long time since I have made anything for myself to wear. I guess I will find out. Fingers crossed. I always wished I could have a dress form. My grandmother used one and her clothes always fit perfectly.

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