Fabric Sale!!!

From Thursday to Saturday, Fabricland Canada is having a fabulous sale! I went this afternoon and found some gorgeous, luxurious natural cottons and linen, here’s what I purchased:

This is a gorgeous linen/cotton blend with a fabulous texture that looks like herringbone, reg. $18.00 per meter, sale: $8.00 per meter. Purchased 6 meters.

Cotton, Linen Blend

100% cotton trims at $1.50 and $1.25 per meter, purchased 3 meters of each.

100% Cotton Trims

Wooden buttons by the meter on bias tape, $5.00 per meter, purchased 2 meters. Fifty-seven buttons per meter!!!

Buttons by the meter!

Madras plaid, 100% cotton and super soft!

100% Cotton Plaid

100% cotton seersucker in pale green.

100% Cotton Seersucker

I also purchased a beautiful deep blue cotton, linen blend but I couldn’t capture the colour. Actually, if you look at the photo with the buttons, it’s in there and the colour is pretty close.

I think I was high when I left the store. Do you get the jitters when you buy fabric? I do!

p.s., I think I’m a hippie!


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