A Whole Other Standard

Gawd bless them, the sewing pattern models, there’s a whole other standard…

What editor thought it was okay to use this shot???

What were they thinking???

I’m sure this young lady is very sweet and trying to break into the modeling business but this photo isn’t doing her any favours!

Need I say anything at all? I love the top but…

Nuff of picking on the poor sewing pattern models. I have no time to sew, especially after work and I’m bummed. I get up at 4:00 a.m. and go to bed at 9:00 p.m., after scooping litter boxes, walking dogs, feeding cats & dogs & fish, eating dinner, there is little time to sew and I’m sad about that. We spend the majority of our lives making money for others, can’t we have a little more time for ourselves?

I envy the stay at home Moms who get to sew all day, pounding out dress after dress, one a day it seems when I can hardly get one easy top done in a week. *sigh*. Do I have to wait till I’m retired, cause that’s a long way off yet!???


1 thought on “A Whole Other Standard

  1. So maybe the stiffness in the models faces and awkward rigor-mortis-like poses makes the pattern even more appealing and you just have to buy it…. and who says that was not the sweet young lady’s best shot.

    And I feel for you with the sewing, I buy fabric more than I sew and try to tell myself that I don’t need anymore fabric but as soon as I step in the store I just gots to have it!

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