What’s going on with Peter’s sofa?

Although I called Peter’s blog “Male Pattern Boringness” in a comment on TSS blog, I was just being facitious. I think Peter is wonderful, talented and extraordinarily creative but what’s going on with his sofa?

Exhibit A: February 24th, 2010

Peter's Sofa: Exhibit A

Peter, for the love of gawd, put a shirt on! Despite the distraction of peter’s nakedness, notice his pants on the sofa, there’s a faux fur throw and somethings under the sofa which i can’t make out. Shoes?

Exhibit B: May 1, 2010

Peter's Sofa: Exhibit B

Yay, Peter’s wearing a shirt! Things are starting to get a little messier, here you can see the small white mod-ish side table, cushions askew, a neckroll and shirt discarded in the desbris. Things are starting to fall apart.

Exhibit C: April 30, 2010

Peter's Sofa: Exhibit C

Things look like they’re getting a little out of control here, another throw, a multi coloured crocheted one, 1 adorable Chihuahua, a book or two piled up on the back of the sofa, clothing but look, Peter’s wearing a shirt again, hurah!

Exhibit D: June 17, 2010

Peter's Sofa: Exhibit D

OMG, the sofa has eaten the dog and Peter is shirtless again! What is going on over there?? Can someone check on Peter please?!