Polyester, EW!

I purchased some cotton/poly mix for a wrap skirt (McCall’s 5430) muslin, the cotton content is larger but the poly is still obvious, especially when you iron it. I can smell the polyester and I can’t stand it! Why does anyone need to use poly mixed with other fibers? Can’t you get stretch cotton without poly? It also does something strange with my body odor. If I wear natural fibers, I have no problem with pit stink. Put polyester under my arms and we have a serious problem regardless of how much deodorant I use. My feed dogs have a hard time grabbing it, my iron can’t create sharp creases, it’s disgusting!

That’s another great thing about making your own clothes, you can choose which materials with which pattern, you want to use as long as it behaves (35% stretch or woven) as required.

Just say NO to polyester!!

I’ll wear the muslin around the house and perhaps on weekends but this skirt is destined for a wonderful linen, cotton mix.

McCall's 5430 Wrap Skirt


3 thoughts on “Polyester, EW!

  1. I’m so with you on that. I can do some poly blends on my lower half, but I don’t like it. I walk around going “eeee”. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve reached for a beautiful print on the shelf and drawn my hand back like it was on fire, very irritated I couldn’t consider it b/c of the poly/blend.

    I do not know about the odor retention issue. I am not a stinky person, and I am mortified by what happens with polyester. Yuck!!!!

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