G20 is (almost) over and I say almost because barriers and fences are still up though they’re not obstructing us from getting to work. Mailboxes and garbage receptacles are returning to the streets, windows are being replaced and plywood is coming down. No one died. Tempers flared, police lied and vandals from out of town wrecked our city. It cost Canadians 1.2 BILLION dollars but it’s over and probably won’t return. But now the Queen Mum is coming, more money out the window. *sigh* We’re supposed to be in a recession right?

On a lighter note, DH has booked our tickets to Bremen, Germany with a stop-over in Amsterdam. We’re planning excursions to Hamburg and Berlin so if you know of any fabric shops in either Amsterdam or northern Germany, please share!

It’s still far too nice outside to sew. I have a navy cotton/linen shirt cut out for M, the pocket is on but nothing else is done yet.

My son is coming for Canada Day weekend tomorrow, I’ve taken Friday off and looking forward to a nice hot weekend now that we have our very own fake lake.

Our Version of the G20 Fake Lake

Our Version of the G20 Fake Lake

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