I Fecking HATE this Skirt!

A number of weekends ago, I made a wrap skirt, McCall’s 5430 using a cotton poly mix. I blogged about how much I hate polyester, I read the reviews on PR, followed the recommendations and removed the ties — I HATE this skirt ON ME! I wore it today and looked like a fuddy-duddy old maid granny.

I have a thick waist. New Look 6494 is way better on me. The short version hits me just above the knee and looks amazing according to EVERYONE. Some people won’t sew a skirt with an elastic waistband, apparently they’re too good for elastic. Apparently, they don’t have the problem of a thick waist and poo-poo those of us who are waist challenged.

Tomorrow I’m going to sew myself New Look 6494 using my oatmeal linen cotton mix. I will look fabulous! If only dh would be patient and take some decent photos! *sigh* What can I say, I love him no matter.

New Look 6494


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