I have a new God(dess)

Yesterday I discovered “Bubblegum 4 Breakfast” a blog by the most creative mind I’ve witnessed thus far in the realm of sewing. Holy cow! This woman can sew!!!

Just look at this awe inspiring skirt:

Gucci Inspired Skirt

Absolutely stunning! This is a force to be reckoned with, pardon me while I wipe the drool from my chin.

And look at this Chanel jacket!

Chanel Jacket

If I could have one iota of her talent and creativity, I would be a very, very happy woman!

Thank you Birgitte, for giving me inspiration and a goal to aspire to. You are truly awes inspiring! I am not even literate enough to express myself in words, I wish I could crawl into your brain for just a second to glimpse the beauty that you envision.


1 thought on “I have a new God(dess)

  1. Oh my goodness… left me kinda speechless there for a moment as I was coming over to answer a couple of questions 🙂

    The flowers: I drew an outline of the flower, scanned it into my digitizing software and punched the design using steil stitches. That’s the easy way to do it- if you have a digitizing software and an embroidery machine. If you don’t, draw the outline with chalk (or basting stitches) on the fabric, spray tear-away stabilizer with temporary adhesive and place the fabric on it, then stitch the outline using a narrow, dense zig zag. The dots in center can be done stitching back and forth several time while turning the fabric slightly each time. Finally, you cut outside the stitching, just be careful, use magnifiers if you have them.

    Machines: I have two Elnas. Xquisit II is a combo sewing/embroidery, a dream to use because everything is auto. I can thread the machine by simply pulling the thread from the top spool and across a fitted slot, pull to cut then push a button- voila, it threads all by itself! The whole operation takes maybe 7-8 sec. The other is a 744 serger, also fab with auto tension. I use it mostly when I want a small rolled hem or when I want RTW finishes on seam allowances, zoom zoom.

    Painting/dying: Here’s a link to a post showing some of the process:

    I also wrote a short overview on Pattern Review in the the tips section:
    The best way to get started…. well read the above, then if you have any more questions just let me know.
    My old blog has some more info as well, a link to one of those posts:

    Thank you so very much for your kind words and what really excites me is seeing someone else get fired up about creating. Thank you for letting me know I had a part in fueling that fire.

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