It’s a slippery slope

Eaton's Viking 164 Sewing Machine

I found this baby at a yard sale today, completely unexpected. It’s an Eaton’s department store Viking 164. It’s a straight stitch only machine with a 3 setting for the feed dogs. It’s built like a tank, the main body seems to be a solid cast with no way to get to the inner gears. There are oiling points — holes on the top where you’re to oil once a year.

Settings for the feed dogs

Access to the bobbin is via a trap door to the left of the needle, which is threaded left to right.

Access to bobbin.

Leave a comment if you’d like a copy of the manual, I can scan it for you.

Eaton's Viking 164 Manual

Model & Serial Number

This sewing machine is remarkably quiet and smooth, a real work horse. The down side is that the case is in bad shape, the vinyl is starting to come off and someone doodled on it. If anyone knows of a way to restore it, please let me know!!

Other finds at yard sales today included a teak table with 2 leaves and 6 chairs for $84.00 as well as a full set of German knives for only $3.00 and a vintage black vinyl purse in pristine condition for $1.00. I’m a happy sewer!


7 thoughts on “It’s a slippery slope

  1. Merci Pierre! I forgot to mention that I’ve managed to wind a bobbin and sew both forward and back. The stitch quality is gorgeous both on top and bottom. This may become my top stitching machine of choice. It’s another short shank machine so I’ll be able to use my Singer 328 feet on it as well. I won a buttonholer on Ebay and would love to get a ruffler/pleater next.

  2. Hi there! I want to tell you that I absolutely adore your spot here! Funny, I have been looking through sewing blogs all day and this is the best one yet!!! No lie!!!!! I am thinking about starting my own sewing blog. My grandmother gave me her old machine so now I am going to log my journey towards this new hobby ; ) Anyway, that’s not how I came across your site. I actually googled “Viking 164 sewing machine” and your site came up. This is the exact machine I have. Like I said, I am no seamstress, but I couldn’t move past the beauty of this piece. If I never successfully sew a pillow sham or a groocery bag, at least I have this beautiful machine to look at. I just love the way it looks, smells, shines and sounds. It’s in full working order but I don’t have the manual. You would be the key to the gates of my sewing journey if you could scan me a copy of your manual. Funny, I have looked all over and can’t find one online anywhere. I thought I would try my luck. Please let me know if you can. My email is
    Thanks in advance…
    PS If it turns out I am a natural, I will mail you my first pin-cushion 🙂

  3. The manual is on the coffee table ready to take to work tomorrow for scanning.

    Thanks so much for the complements, that so sweet of you! And yes, I’m looking forward to that first pin cushion!!

  4. Hi, I just found this post after googling viking sewing machine. My mum used this machine for over 40 years. She even sewed my twin sister’s gorgeous wedding dress with this machine. She passed away in 2010. I did not inherit her sewing skills but am trying my best–sewed angel costumes at Halloween for my daughter and her 2 friends and have made matching iphone and glasses cases last week. I would love to know if it’s still possible for you to scan a copy of the manual. I would be very grateful. I hope you enjoy your Viking!


  5. My buddy just retired and found a Viking 164 as pictured above. I found something which illustrates how to thread. If you could send me a manual I’m sure this would be most helpful.
    Once my friend figures everything out he going to show me what he’s learned. I can hardly wait!
    Thanks alot.

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