After just one month of looking for vintage machines, I now have 5. Seven machines total including my Sapphire 850 and Viking 920. But wait, I forgot to include the Singer Slant-O-Matic 403 my parents picked up for me in Ottawa so make that 8.

Without having the privilege of playing with the  403 till the December holidays, by far my favorite machine is the Singer 328J Style-O-Matic with design cams and zig-zag stitching.

The little green machine — Singer 185J is a sweet little 3/4 size sewing machine I picked up at a yard sale last Saturday.

Little Green Machine

She was loved at one point but not for the past number of years, she was very, very dirty and unfortunately, her case is cracked on the bottom, which happens with old plastic. I spent the day cleaning and oiling, now she runs quietly and smoothly with beautiful, impecable straight stitches.

Neglected Singer 185J

I won a Singer buttonholer off Ebay and hooked her up, works well though not as perfect as the Sapphire. Mind you, the Sapphire is very finicky, the wind has to be blowing in the right direction, the planets have to be in the correct constellation and aligned for it to work.

My mother got an Emerald 118 for her birthday, I tried to convince her that the old gear driven machines will hem jeans far better than the new electronic ones but she wanted a new one and I can’t blame her. I told her to play with the Slant-O-Matic when she has a chance.


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