Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

This afternoon after work I picked up this handsome guy… introducing “Charlie”

Domestic 825-463

Domestic 825-463 Sewing Machine

Charlie is a Domestic “Sewmachine” 825-463 all metal, gear driven purchased at Eaton’s department store but I don’t have an exact date. This machine was well loved, he’s in pristine condition and came with a treasure trove of accessories:

– Cutting Gague (which attaches to a pair of scissors)
– Set of 3 wide hemmers
– Quilter
– Combination Adjustable Corder and Zipper Foot
– Narrow Hemmer
– Seam Gauge
– Ruffler and Shiring Plate
– Combination Tucking Guide Edgestitcher and Top Braider
– Multiple Slot Binder
– Shirring Foot

Our camera’s batterie died so once it’s recharged, I’ll take photos of the manual and attachments.

He doesn’t purr like a kitten, he’s more like a lion, I need to spend more time with him but so far I am head over heels in love with him!

Without further ado, here’s more sewing machine porn…

Domestic Sewmachine 825-463

Domestic 825-463


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