Day of Discovery

This morning I was up bright and early checking out my newest sewing machine, Charlie. Not knowing anything about this machine, I had a peek under the hood and look what I found:

Under the Hood

That’s right, the motor is mounted UNDER the machine, how clever (for that time)!

Here’s the bevy of  attachments that came with Charlie:


Yet more treasures!

The most interesting accessory is the Cutting Gauge…

“This Gauge is used for cutting even strips of bias or straight material. Attach Cutting Gauge to point of scissors. Move gauge slide to width of band desired. Insert the material in the Gauge, and guide edge of material along the adjustable slide. Cut with short, even strokes.”

And here’s Charlie’s Golden Ticket.

Charlie's Golden Ticket

How cool is that?!

2 thoughts on “Day of Discovery

  1. Please, if you still have this manual, may I have a copy? I have looked high and low, and can’t find one. Thank you for your time and effort.

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