I don’t get the attention of my 18 year old son often  so there will be no sewing today. Instead, I need to join the boys and watch them play XBox which can be interesting at times, especially when they’re psychological thrillers.

Janome 200E

I did go to Fabricland for an hour this morning while M got his hair cut. I picked up some green fleece at $3.00/meter to experiment on my CoverPro 1000 CPX. I plan to toss it into the washing machine today. I also purchased 3 meters of mixed grey wool for a light jacket or something, I just really love the fabric. I also purchased two embroidery hoops, needles and floss. I’ve never embroidered before but would love to try and the supplies were very inexpensive.

Next weekend FL (Fabricland) is going to have a 50% off for members sale so I’m going to purchase some velvet then.

There’s so much I don’t know and am looking forward to learning… Embroidery, coverstitch, stretch knits, etc…

I enquired about an inexpensive embroidery machine for monograms on shirts, etc…, they recommended the Janome 200E for $740.00 so I checked for opinions. It is a good machine but most people in the U.S. pay $500.00 for it maximum. WHY do we pay so much more for the same product?!? I will not do it! I will ask them to match the price or sadly go to the States to get the same machine for less.

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