Fitting Exhaustion

On the way home from Ottawa, I read most of “Fit For Real People” by Patti Palmer  whereby she paper pattern fits prior to cutting her fashion fabric.

I have an ongoing problem with all patterns — I have gaping at my arm pits — apparently and according to all the books I’ve read, I have either narrow shoulders or rounded shoulders however, when I attempt to make the recommended adjustments, it never works.

I had this week off for vacation, what a more perfect time than to work on making pattens fit for me?? I spent the entire day yesterday trying to make a “perfect Palmer Pletsch jean jacket “?? I tried the paper fit — didn’t work — I tried working with fabric — that didn’t wok either!! I’m so aggravated with pattern fitting. Am I the only one??

So I tried pattern fitting with another pattern, Simplicity 3789,  a shirt with princess seams. I paper pattern fit first and because was working with satin, spent the entire day with the bodice — pleats and lots of steam — only to discover the shirt is too small for me. WTF??? I have been so meticulous and careful, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong!!! I don’t want gaps under my arms any more!

Can someone help me please???

Camera is AWOL, hopefully I can find it tomorrow… but I know that black satin doesn’t photograph well.

On a more positive note, I have lost 8lbs so far on the Paleo diet. I have been drinking wine and eating chocolate every day during the holidays, not bad!!!


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