Sewing Revealed


SewSister's Sewing Room


Here is my sewing area/cave, it’s more than 1/2 the basement and I count myself lucky, I have seen many sewing areas and know how fortunate I am!! My husband has the second bedroom on the main floor of our house, as his “man cave” and although he has floor to ceiling windows, I know I got the bigger, better deal!

My main machine is still the Sapphire 850 even though I have several vintage machines, I don’t trust them as much as I do her. I also have an older Viking Huskylock serger, she never lets me down!

I also have the Janome CPX1000 but haven’t used her much as I need to get to know her better.



Simplicity 3789

I’m still working on Simplicity 3789 and working with satin isn’t easy as I’m sure many will attest. I’ve discovered that putting the iron on cotton with tons of steam and using cotton flannel barrier between the iron and the satin will put a nice crease in the fabric.

As some may recall, polyester and my personal body chemistry, don’t get along well but I just couldn’t resist at $4.40 per meter compared to $14.00 per meter for silk. I’m still struggling with fit. All the seams WERE French but because it turned out too small/tight, I unpicked all the side seams and sewed 1/4″ on all but it still doesn’t fit. I think I may have screwed up on the front facing. But since I’m loosing a good amount of weight (8lbs in a month) on the paleo diet, I’m hoping to fit into it soon.


Simplicity 3789


Yesterday I worked on the cuffs and today I attached them to the sleeves. As you can see, I’m not afraid to use pins to keep my work straight.

I think I’m going to ditch the collar on this and use a mandarin collar on it which I like much more, I’ll steal the pattern from my Simplicity 3684 pattern. Actually, I really like that top and may make it in silk.

I have a number of other tops I made which I haven’t blogged about yet, if it would stop raining and the sun would shine, perhaps I could get my dh to take photos.





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