Butterick 4929 Misses’ Jacket w/ Embroidered Collar

Butterick 4929

Yesterday I started Butterick 4929. I glanced at the pattern pieces, there weren’t many — 7 — which seemed easy enough until you discover you need to cut out 4 or 5 of each piece as this is a lined jacket, something I’ve never attempted before. Cutting and prepping everything took more than 1/2 the day at which point we took the pugs to the forest for a walk in the freshly fallen snow.

I cut out the collar first because I decided to put my Brother HE-240 embroidery machine to work immediately. I chose an Art Nouveau pattern to be repeated around the collar. One of my dilemas with the embroidery machine was how to conserve stabilizer. In this case, sticky stabilizer was the right choice, I was able to embroider the pattern three times without having to rehoop.  The pattern image (below) is from Emboidery Library Inc., a great source for quality, inexpensive embroidery patterns, I didn’t have the recommended colours so I just used a lighter shade of blue than the fabric I’m using on the jacket.

Chocolate Nouveau Border from Embroidery Library

After applying the interfacing to the inside front and collar, I started sewing. Things went very smoothly, all the pieces went together nicely with no surprises. By 8:00 p.m. I had all the main pieces together including the arms. I really should have tried on the bodice before attaching the arms but I’m very frustrated with trying to fit myself, I just didn’t want to deal with it. Why is it that I have no problems with RTW clothing but everything I sew needs an adjustment? I need a tutor.

Today, if we don’t go for dum sum brunch, I’m going to sew the lining and ty it on again. I read the instructions and they’re pretty straight forward so I’m not anticipating any glitches although I may shave some fabric on the sleeve cap — who wants a puffy sleeve lining???


1 thought on “Butterick 4929 Misses’ Jacket w/ Embroidered Collar

  1. Love to see the results. I had problems with sizing this pattern as well. It was small but I guess had I looked at the measurements rather than the size, it would have been fine. Beautiful pattern though.

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