Burda Men’s (Field Jacket) Coat 7419

Yesterday, after shovelling the driveway, I hit Fabricland’s Member’s Only 50% off sale, picked up 4 meters of brown cord, matching plaid flannel (for the lining) and batting as well as thread, ochre top thread and a bunch of embroidery thread. Once home I started tracing out the pattern which seemed to take forever. It wasn’t till 4:00 that I laid out the cord, ironed it (after washing) and started to cut. It seems heavier than the cord I made my Butterick coat out of, certainly harder on the hands to cut.

The instructions tell you to sew the batting with the fashion fabric prior to sewing any seams. Should be fun (no, really, I’m not being sarcastic!), I’m looking forward to a full sewing/laundry day.

And for something completely unrelated, out other hobby here at home is our saltwater aquarium. Here’s some photos for your enjoyment…

Our Aquarium, center tank

Our Aquarium, center tank

Shrimp Goby which has made his home under one of ou 3 clams.

Left Side of Aquarium

Left Side of Aquarium

Right side of our aquarium

Right side of our aquarium



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