Robert Graham Shirts

Robert Graham Shirt

After reading Male Pattern Boldness’ blog on Pink shirts this morning, it reminded me of Robert Graham shirts, my husband hates them, calls them “clown shirts”, but I love them!

The pattern is woven into the fabric, not printed in the examples here, the colours are luscious and I love the contrasting colour and pattern on the inside collars and cuffs. I also like the embroidery, sometimes it’s added to the outside of the shirt following along the buttons in a contrasting colour on top of an already busy design.

Richard Graham Shirt Cuff

These shirts are not cheap at over $200.00 a pop but they’re spectacular, IMHO. I’ve seen some lesser spectacular RG shirts on, very plain, for $65.00, you won’t find the fancy ones there.

I can only hope to find such wonderful fabric near home but alas, I’ll have to go to the fabric district on Spadina Ave.  in Toronto and I’m not guaranteed to find what I’m looking for.  Though while checking online I found a wonderful silk shantung at Designer Fabrics Online… too bad my husband won’t wear pink.

Silk Shantung


Update @ 8:41 p.m.: At lunch I walked to the Toronto Fashion District which begins around Queen Street West and Spadina. I made the rounds: Leo’s Textiles, Queen Textiles, Trendy Fabrics, World Sewing Centre and lastly LA Fabics where I finally found real cotton shirting. Alas, it was mostly boring, either solids or traditional patterns in a peaceful, boring blue. the only fabric that any colour in it was multi-coloured striped. I thought I might be able to do something interesting with it.

When M picked me up after work I showed him the fabric and asked if he liked it. He didn’t. “It’s rainbow.” Ug, I give up. I’m going to take him to Fabricland with me and he can pick out a plaid flannel and that’ll be that. I’m going to make something with this rainbow fabric, it cost me a whopping $60.00!!! Maybe I could dye it?

"Rainbow" Cotton Shirting



4 thoughts on “Robert Graham Shirts

  1. The rainbow fabric would make a cute sundress, or a blouse for you. I’d think dying has a high chance of coming out unsatisfactory and making you feel even more annoyed about the $60. But I’ve never dyed, so it scares me.

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