MPB Men’s Shirt Sew-Along: The Fabric

Bright Paisley, Black - 4 Yards

Solid, Kona, Lagoon - 1 Yard

Vintage Paisley, Seaside - 2 Yards

Skinny Stripes, Aqua - 4 Yards

This morning I ordered enough fabric for 2 Men’s shirts. The Bright Paisley, Black is a Michael Miller print for TDF, I’m going to accent it with the Solid, Kona, Lagoon  on the inside cuffs and neck band. The second shirt will be Skinny Stipes, Aqua by Laura Gunn for Michael with vintage Paisley, Seaside accents. All fabrics are 100% cotton ordered from Tonic Living, a local online vendor so no shipping fees + a 10% discount, YAY!

Although some of these fabrics are considered “quilting” fabrics, how different are they from using flannel for a shirt? I’m going to wash everything twice in hot water and vinegar to soften them up. I had previously ordered a swatch of the Skinny Stripes and it is very nice fabric.


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