Aquarium Video Contest, Help Us Win!!

DH created a video and entered it into a contest to win a $2,000 gift certificate for aquarium gear. We need your help to win!!

If you have a Facebook account, VOTE for ThePugFather HERE!

No, he’s not a professional, he used his Mac Book to make the video.


And in sewing news, I got confirmation from TonicLiving that my fabric shipped yesterday, YIPEEE!

I’m so scattered today, I’m wondering if my fabulous fabric from TonicLiving will be delivered today, I’ve also placed an order with Joanne’s Creative Notions (Yes, we have our own type of Joanne’s here in Canada!) for tracing paper, something that seems to be sorely missing in local stores for some strange, inexplicable reason. I’ve never used Dritz or Clover tracing paper before so I ordered one package of each as well as a Clover Tracer Pen and Blunt Edge Tracing Wheel. I also ordered black silk thread for the MPB Men’s Shirt Sew-Along.

Getting back to my TonicLiving fabric, also sells the same fabric in the U.S., is the pattern really that big??? Now I’m a little freaked out!

Tonic Living Update: I just received my fabric and I LOVE IT!!! Man, that’s fast service!

Have you voted for my DH, ThePugFather yet?


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