Excitement Mounts

I’ve made a number of men’s shirts and a few for myself as well, I love to see my men wearing them and feel proud that they enjoy them. But I’ve always done them alone, perhaps that’s why I’m so looking forward to the MPB Men’s Shirt Sew-Along.

Here’s the visible difference between the Dritz tracing paper (top) and the Clover tracing paper (below).

Dritz & Clover Tracing Paper

The Dritz colours are more intense where as the Clover papers are pastel in hue. Also pictured are the Clover tracing pen and blunt edge tracing wheel. I really like the tracing wheel and the non sharp end of the tracing pen. I tired the pen side and I’m not sure I like it, it feels as though I’m going to tear the tracing paper with it.

As you can see, no tracing paper in the world is going to work with my paisley fabric, it’s just too busy.

Tracing on Paisley

I haven’t yet blogged about my homemade Point Presser that my Dad made for me while I was visiting over the holidays!

Homemade Point Presser

He’s a very talented man, all I did was show him a photo and he took it from there! He buffed it to a high shine, it’s as soft as a baby’s bum and has no finish on it. The top and bottom are oak and the dark middle wood is something else, I think he said it was lace wood or something like that.

I’ve chosen a very light, woven black interfacing for this project.

Light Weight Woven Interfacing

Now I have all my shirtmaking tools ready to go including brand new, very fine straight pins!

Shirtmaking Tools

I don’t think I’m jumping the gun by tracing out my pattern tomorrow. I still have to finish sewing in the lining of TDF’s coat so that’ll keep me busy. Also, I don’t have a lot of time to sew during the week, the sew-along is starting on a Tuesday — I go to bed at 9:00 p.m. and get up at 4:00 a.m., I’m away from the home for 12 hours a day and have exactly 4 hours each evening to feed the animals, eat dinner  and prepare for the next day. I’ve tied sewing after work but there’s just not enough time. I’m able to make a shirt in a single weekend so I’m sure I can do all my homework on the weekends.


4 thoughts on “Excitement Mounts

  1. Neat stuff! I have nothing. 🙂 I suppose I’ll check Atlanta Thread Company, since I’m buying some of their maxilock while it’s on sale. I do have tracing paper. I have plenty of time. right?

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