Tracing Paper & Tools

MPB’s Men’s Shirt Sew-Along is starting this coming Tuesday and I just received my tracing paper and tools this morning, YIPEEE! I purchased 2 different brands of tracing paper, Clover “Chacopy” and Dritz’ Wax-Free. I have to say that I think I probably like the Clover better, the sheets are larger whereas the Dritz paper is just strips but I’ll do tests after work today and show you later. I really like both the Clover tracing wheel with blunt edges and tracer pen. All I had previously was the old fashioned red wooden handle tracing wheel which cut through both the pattern and the tracing paper. I used to use scotch tape so my patterns wouldn’t get shredded.

I found a fab new sewing blog today, “The Naked Seamstress“, in her post today, ” Sewing for a Changing Body Shape” she talks about fluctuating weight and homemade clothing and tips on how to work with it, a topic I haven’t encountered and yet so common!

More later today… or tomorrow.

But wait, I found this sewing kitty and I just couldn’t resist posting it!


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