Embroidery Inspiration

One of the many details I love about Robert Graham shirts is the subtle — or not so subtle — embroidery, on the inside yoke and sometimes on either side of the placket.  And since I have a new embroidery machine, why not put it to good use?! I initially purchased it with the thought that I would make my own clothing labels but have found many more uses for it.

I plan to embroider the inside yoke of my men’s shirt , the design has to be light and airy, so last night I downloaded more embroidery files from Embroidery Library Inc., my favorite downloadable site. Who doesn’t love a product you don’t have to pay shipping/taxes and duties for?! Here are the designs I’m considering:

1) Golden Flower and Paisley


Flowers & Paisley

2) Golden Flower and Paisley II

Golden Flower and Paisley II

3) Floral Filigree 1

Floral Filigree 1

4) Floral Filigree 2

Floral Filigree 2

5) Simple Swirls

Simple Swirls

6) Simple Symmetry Medallion 2

Simple Symmetry Medallion 2

Please give me you opinion on which one you’d choose for a Robert Graham-esque shirt? I’m not 100% sure if the fabric will be solid turquoise or skinny stripes or something else and the thread colour will obviously change.


1 thought on “Embroidery Inspiration

  1. I do all of my embroidery by hand. BUT, my husband said, while looking at some neat embroidery on his English Laundry shirt “This is totally worth getting an embroidery machine for”. LOL! Like I need ONE MORE MACHINE!!

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