Safety Glasses Must be Worn at All Times

This morning I remembered that I had some other (quilting) fabric which was intended for p.j. bottoms we’d purchased a year ago and wondered if they’d be good accents for my Robert Graham-esq shirt for the MPB Men’s Shirt Sew-Along. Here are the combinations:

Shirt #2 Fabric Combinations

I thought I’d start with the “Skinny Stipes, Aqua” combination first, you must be getting sick of the “Bright Paisley, Black” by now. Taking photos of the fabric combinations really helps give another perspective, I’d love to know what you think. I think these three go together better than the original combo of “Vintage Paisley, Seaside” and “Skinny Stripes, Aqua”. However, I’ll have to use the “Solid Kona, Lagoon” for the inside cuffs, I don’t think TDF would wear it otherwise.

Bright Paisley, Black

I thought this was an interesting combination but the grey/black fabric just didn’t work in my mind, here’s the combination without the black, white & grey fabric:

Bright Plaid, Black, option 2

Do you see what I see? I like this combination much better! There’s something about the black, white and grey that just doesn’t sit well with me. Remember, the contrasting fabrics won’t really be seen from the outside of the shirt unless you turn up the cuffs.

I’ve had this flannel in my stash for awhile, I was on crack when I bought it thinking that TDF would wear it as a shirt. When he saw it, he said it should be a pillow case. Alas, it will be my muslin!

Striped Flanel for Muslin

And last but not least, here are the Pugs in their respective beds, supervising the ironing of what felt like miles and miles of fabric.

Winston  & Cookie Supervising

3 thoughts on “Safety Glasses Must be Worn at All Times

  1. i totally agree on the paisley combination. in that mix, the black and gray (a perfectly lovely print) just looks aggressively boring. Save it for a project where it can shine.

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