Colette Negroni vs. Kwik Sew Men’s Shirt: Round 2

Happy MPB Men’s Shirt Sew-Along day everyone!! Today is day 1 and Peter has already posted the first instructions. Since I rarely have enough time after work to sew on week days, I traced my pattern pieces last Saturday and cut out my muslin.

And speaking of the Colette Patterns Negroni Men’s Shirt, on to placket applications…

Admittedly, the majority of men’s shirts I’ve sewn have been short sleeved, they’re quicker and easier. I have made one long sleeve men’s shirt and here’s the one and only placket I’ve completed (on both sleeves, of course):

Kwik Sew Men's Shirt Placket

Not bad, looks as it should. Here’s the pattern piece:

Placket Pattern Piece

I didn’t like how it was put together, you had to make a tiny, awkward hem on the wrong side of each sleeve, easy to screw up.

Kwik Sew Placket Instructions

Now here’s the Negroni pattern piece and instructions:

Colette Negroni Placket

I like the application of  the Colette Negroni placket far more (than Kwik Sew), it reminds me of how you would make a welt pocket in a way and is a text book application of a sleeve placket. I think I’ll merge the Kwik Sew and Colette Negroni patterns adding the Kwik Sew collar stand and yoke application method to Negroni pattern and the Negroni sleeve placket to the Kwik Sew 2777 pattern.


2 thoughts on “Colette Negroni vs. Kwik Sew Men’s Shirt: Round 2

  1. Thanks for posting this, I was dying of curiosity what the Negroni placket/instructions were like! 🙂 (Happily, my pattern piece is like the Negroni rather than the Kwik Sew). I’ve just read up and really enjoyed all your men’s shirt comparison posts.

    • Thanks Isis, I’ve been following your blog for a number of months now and have really enjoyed your posts! I wish I were somewhere close to your size so I could try out some of those (regular) Burda patterns from their magazine! Love your style!!

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