Today I sewed the plackets on my muslin, I had a brief moment of confusion on the short end of the plackets, neither Sarai’s nor Peter’s instructions were clear to me so I just had to guess, which worked out in the end and by complete fluke, the stripes matched up!

I liked how Sarai recommended pressing 1/4″ on the sleeve head prior to sewing the sleeve to the body of the shirt, it worked out very nicely!

Embroidery Library has another sale going on now and I couldn’t resist, I found these adorable robot images that TDF loves so I embroidered a little robot on the front left chest of his t-shirt and a ray gun on the middle back, I love it!

And now for your moment of zen…

This is our Devon Rex cat who loves to snuggle in your sweater. She’s 14 years old and has always been a little on the naked side   😀


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  1. Ooh, I like that tip. Is the shirt side seam allowance trimmed to match before you sew it? I will give that a try on my next version, for sure… I’m telling myself no fancy seams for the muslin in case of alterations.

    • Thanks for mentioning that tid-bit Isis!

      After you press 1/4″ on the sleeve head, you line it up with you shirt as if it were a raw edge (not pressed) then yes, you trim the raw edge on the shirt side (not arm side, of course). Press all toward the body of the shirt and top stitch.

      I used Steam-A-Seam to hold the seam down the seam while I top stitched and it worked like a charm!

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