An Ode to My Husband

I’m a tremendously fortunate woman, I am with a man who loves to cook, cleans regularly, hates hockey and football, encourages and enables my sewing addiction and spoils me often.

When I first decided to get back into sewing, he bought me a brand new Babylock Designer’s Choice. We could barely afford it as I had lost my job and was going through a nasty custody battle with steep lawyer’s fees. But he knew I needed to sew to keep my mind busy, and it made me happy.

I took a hiatus from sewing after that and switched from creating crafts and home dec to garments. I needed a sewing machine that had more precise stitch widths and lengths, the Crafter’s Choice had a slider, I wanted precision. I thought I wanted to stick with Babylock and get a Quilter’s Choice but the dealers in my area weren’t cooperative on price and didn’t want to give me anything for my Crafter’s Choice! My local Husqvarna dealer was selling off her teaching machines which had been used for about a year. DH urged me to get the used Sapphire 850 which was still steep in price but certainly much less than new and worth every penny.

He doubted my need for the Huskylock 905 serger (didn’t understand) but indulged me nonetheless. He understood my short lived infatuation with vintage machines despite the fact that I now have 7 that I don’t touch and purchased the Janome 1000CPX Cover Stitch machine for my birthday. He’s thrilled with my Brother HE-240 embroidery machine because there are so many fun designs available.

This past October he took me to Bremen in northern Germany, his hometown. He introduced me to all his friends and showed me his beautiful country, sparing no expense. DH is intellectual, a philosopher, always on top of current events, a wealth of information and a romantic.

Our 10th anniversary is is coming up and he asked me what I wanted. I told him that all I wanted was his love, “You have that” he said. Then let’s just have a nice dinner together. I don’t care if we go out or stay in, as long as I’m with him. DH is my knight in shining armour but more importantly, my best friend. Sure we’ve had our ups and downs, nothing is perfect but I know I’ll never find another like him, he’s one of a kind and he’s mine!

I’m so fortunate!


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