Pull the Trigger!

I pulled the trigger on the Reliable Digital Velocity V100. Hopefully I’ll receive it next week since I’m having it shipped to my office in Toronto and their head office is just outside the city 20 minutes away! I can’t wait to have a real iron! Today I wondered if I’d made the right decision to get a new iron since the one we have is only a year or two old, it works and still looks good BUT when it left huge puddles of water on the ironing board and took forever to heat up, I knew I’d enjoy the V100. Then I started looking at Reliable’s ironing boards and have decided to order the bottom of the line, the C30. How could I justify spending more than $100. on an ironing board? I love the long board and the vacuum board but I just can’t justify the expense.

I started cutting out my Men’s shirt Friday night in the paisley fabric using Kwik Sew 2777 with a glass of wine or two… What a lot of work it was attempting to match the pattern! I’d need at least another yard if not two, to match the pattern on the sleeves. I made a mistake right off the bat by cutting out the right side face up so it turned out to be the left side of the shirt. Ug. I should have cut out the back first and matched from there. It was a hard lesson to learn. Because the pattern was so intricate and the repeat so far apart, I had no fabric left for long sleeves, only short. I was happy I could match the pattern on the front of the shirt and create an invisible pocket — can you see it?

The inside embroidery turned out great, I love the contrast of the orange/yellow with the turquoise, I only wish I had lined it up better with the pattern on the fabric, I just wasn’t thinking.

However, the upside of all these errors is that I learned several very valuable lessons which will help me in future projects. Every time I make this shirt, the easier it gets and I can concentrate on workmanship as opposed to construction. I can hardly wait to make another! I told TDF he’s not allowed to buy shirts anymore.


4 thoughts on “Pull the Trigger!

  1. Shirley, it looks like you’re doing great! Most of the things I learned on making my last shirt had to do with patterned fabrics and planning the positioning. I was just too eager and excited to start and that’s why I made so many mistakes.

    The most difficult sewing part I found was the collar stand, I just need to get my top stitching on the rounded ends perfect. I’m also going to make my collar stands larger on the next iteration.

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