Loose Threads & New Projects

Bruda 7419

Before I start on yet another shirt, I need to hem the sleeves, make button holes, select buttons and sew them on to the paisley shirt. As well, I need to hem the sleeves on TDF’s spring coat & add snaps as the weather is getting warmer and he needs a transitional coat.

For the next Robert Graham-esque inspired shirt, I’m planing on using this crazy grouping of quilting fabrics but I’m not 100% sold on this combination. If you hold your hand over the spirals, you’ll see that the stripes and block go nicely together. If you hold your hand over the blocks, you’ll see that the spirals and stripes go well together but all three together might be too much. I have some solid turquoise left over from the paisley shirt which might be a good alternative.

Please let me know what you think of this fabric combination, love it? Hate it?

There’s another member’s sale at Fabricland this weekend, I need to purchase a tailor’s curve so now’s the time not to mention embroidery thread! Apparently they have some new fabrics  which I’ll have to check out.

McCall's 5525

Awhile ago, I picked up the fabulous trench pattern, McCall’s 5525 and now’s the time to get started on that as well! I have a stretch cotton in a similar colour to the pattern image but it’s so B-O-R-I-N-G! It uses almost 4 meters of fabric (5 5/8 yards),  so I want to make the right choice, fun but not crazy lady! Any suggestions?


4 thoughts on “Loose Threads & New Projects

  1. You’re right about the pairs of fabrics working, but I do feel like the spirals and the blocks don’t really help each other out. Personally I’d enjoy a solid, turquoise could work, or brown would also be lovely. But then I’m not really a pattern person, so might not be the best one to ask. 🙂 have fun!

    Why is it the fiddly little details are so much harder to finish than everything else?

  2. I like all three fabrics, but especially the blocks, which have a retro vibe. If I had to omit one, it may be the spirals in favor of the solid turquoise you mentioned, to give the eye a break. Not sure what parts of the shirt you’re using which for though. Both the trench and the jacket patterns are awesome! I can see the trench it in a deep olive green.

    • Perhaps I’ll have to reserve the spirals for a quilt (wink, wink) or p.j. bottoms for dh. Thanks for your input, I know you have much more experience with fabric patterns and colours than I!

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