Reliable Arrival!

T-Fal Reliable ComparisonJust prior to leaving work yesterday, my Reliable Digital Velocity V100 arrived! TDF went to his closet immediately after getting home and brought me an arm full of shirts, five to be exact. The first thing I wanted to do was compare the Reliable to our current T-Fal. The size AND the sole plate difference is obvious the T-Fal has a million little holes whereas the Reliable only has 7, “for maximum steam penetration”. The Reliable is considerably heavier than the T-Fal which means you don’t have to physically press down, just move the iron around and let it do the work.

I filled up the Reliable with R/O water, plugged it in and set it for 2 dots. It was ready to rock within minutes which was astonishing as I typically wait 3 to 5 minutes or longer for the T-Fal. I pressed the steam button which generated steam, seemingly within seconds. All you pros out there, keep in mind that I’ve been using domestic, off-the-shelf irons my entire life and to me, this is a real treat! The steam just kept coming. Remarkably, it stopped instantly when I set it down to adjust my fabric. I LOVE THIS IRON! I’m really looking forward to ironing meters of fabric quickly.

There are just a couple of caveats. What I’ve read is true, the controls on the handle are in an awkward place and I too kept hitting them accidentally. I kept my eye on the display to ensure I wasn’t changing the temperature, I need to adjust my habits and hold the iron from the rear of the handle. Second, being a newbie to powerful irons, I’m a little afraid of it. Keep your fingers away from the steam!! I did wrestle with one stubborn, 100% cotton shirt, it just didn’t want to release it’s wrinkles so I turned it up to three dots, I’m not clear on how to increase the steam, will have to read the manual again.

After a month or so, I’ll update my review if needed and post it on PR.

BTW, I purchased a couple of shirts for TDF from Good Will awhile ago and he hasn’t worn them yet but asked me to iron them last evening. One is a Mobaco made in Egypt and the other is a Daniel Hechter. I like both shirts, the cottons are very soft and there are signs which indicate that at least the Mobaco was hand made. I love the details on the DH shirt though, double buttons on the collar stand and angled cuffs which I’m going to attempt to mimic at some point.

So in summary, two thumbs up on my new Reliable Digital Velocity V100 iron and I think I did good on finding good quality shirts at the local charity shop. One has to wonder where they came from originally, who owned them and why were they given up?


2 thoughts on “Reliable Arrival!

  1. I have heard that those angled-corner cuffs are actually easier to create than square corner ones, as you don’t have to turn a precise 90-degree angle and then get it to lie flat. The double-button on the stand is nifty, too. I find I’m sizing up the details on the mens’ RTW I see a lot more these days…

    Have fun with your new iron! I got a new one last summer, though with considerably less thought and attention to detail than you did. It is nice to not have rust and calcium spit out onto my fabric when I blast the steam, though. 🙂

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