Foodies Delight!

Lunch at TOCA was nothing less than spectacular!  As we wandered into the private dining room we were greeted with glasses of champagne and after a few sips, snuck into the kitchen to say hello to Chef Tom Brodi.

We ordered every appetizer on the menu to be shared by all and instead of simply bringing in a big plate of each dish, Chef Tom Brodi gave everyone their own portions. We started with Mill Street beer battered Yarmouth lobster, kennebec frites & espelette tartare, Hungarian flatbread, rocket, sour cream, Spiced Alberta Bison Tartare and toasted walnuts, ermite blue, duck prosciutto.

Chef Tom Brodi & SewSister

Beer Battered Yarmouth Lobster

Hungarian flatbread, rocket, sour cream

Spiced Alberta Bison Tartare

Most of us ordered the “TOCA L.B.L.T.”, Yarmouth lobster, pea meal bacon& tarragon on a pretzel bun. we also had a variety of sides including avocado frites, quail egg on cream of spinach and kennebec frites with thunder oak gouda.

In the cheese cave!

The Construction Crew

LBLT Yarmouth Lobster & Pea Meal Bacon

Quail Egg in creamed spinach

Dessert was phenomenal and we had a selection of those as well, Molen chocolate cake of white coffee, raspberries & balsamic, crepes of apple, cream cheese & maple walnuts and creme brulee, of course. I highly recommend the TOCA house white which is a blend of whites and very smooth.

Here’s your moment of zen…



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