Today our boss is taking us to the new TOCA by Tom Brodi restaurant at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Toronto.  We have the private dining room reserved and I cannot wait! I’m bringing my camera to show you the kitchen. I’ve been woking on this project for 3+ years, we’re still working on the condos but alas, the hotel is finally open!

Yesterday I touched on the sound a sewing machine makes and how much I enjoy listening to it. But not all machines and not all the time. When my Brother HE-240 is hammering out an embroidery design, although it’s not deafening, it can be irritating.  I also don’t like the sound of Mike Maldonado’s industrial machine in this video.

But I LOVE the sound of this Elna TX Electronic, there’s such a lovely, low zoom to it, it sounds as though it has power behind it without being obnoxious. My Sapphire can emit a high pitched squeal when I’ve been making it work hard, the dealers call it a “whistle”, don’t be fooled.

Sadly, only one person voted in my poll yesterday on dress forms and I’m very disheartened. Either there are very few people who own dress forms, or people didn’t want to vote? It’s going to boil down to what I can get in the area within budget. So I’m going to post my poll again, please, if you have a dress form, help me out and let me know what brand you’d recommend or leave me a comment.

TDF worked from home yesterday and got all our shopping done which means we have the entire weekend to relax. Here in Canada, Monday is “Family Day” because we just don’t have enough damn holidays! YAY for Family Day!!

TOCA Dining Room


4 thoughts on “TOCA

  1. Sadly, I know nothing about commercial dress forms. I made a duct tape one, but it’s not great. Personally I’d be looking for one with the padding/ customizing options. I have a short waist, small bust, and nasty swayback to fit for and I’m not interested in a form that doesn’t reflect that… My $.02 😉

  2. I have a Dritz that gets very little use because it just isn’t shaped like me. The problem with the standard dress form of this type is that, while the measurements are right, the form may not match the shape of your body. I would vote for a duct tape form, or a one you can customize with padding. One of these days I’m going to try padding my Dritz to get the right cup size, hip curve and swayback, but until then it’s not much use.

  3. JillyBean, thank you for commenting!! I’ve read a lot about people putting bras and tight t-shirts on their dress forms and stuffing with quilt batting which is what I plan to do as well since I gain and loose weight from one year to the next.

  4. I have a 25 year old Dritz and although it’s not a perfect fit, it’s pretty darn close – I’ve certainly gotten my money’s worth out of it. I slipped an old stretch cami over it to hold the fabric cover on that a couple years ago became unglued and loose. I also added a bra to more closely mimic my shape. For me, pretty minor stuff. I deeply would like a new dress form and if I had the funds would be ordering a Wolf form right this instant. The idea of an industrial strength pin-able form that will last a long time is appealing and -thank you Gertie for the great tutorial!- it would be the perfect base to put a fitted muslin on, stuffed with batting, becoming an absolute match to mine own bod. Of course I could put a muslin on my current or newer Dritz but the body panels give a little, so a batting stuffed muslin would distort the Dirtz and wreck the effort of a tightly fitted muslin.

    My vote is therefore biased by cost. If my current form was suddenly destroyed by some catastrophic event, I would buy another Dritz. If the lottery or a wealthy realtive intervened – a Wolf would be mine.

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