Fabric Sale!

100% cotton sateen

Today Fabricland had a 40% off member’s sale and had just received a big selection of fabulous spring cottons! However, the first thing I grabbed was over 6 meters of purple cotton sateen from the discontinued sale table for just $5.0o per meter @ 150cm wide. I am in love with this fabric, especially the bright gold accent. The plan is to make the infamous McCall’s trench (#5525), I’m considering cutting the entire coat on the bias because of the short repeat. Am I mad? (Click on the images for a larger view.)

I also purchased 4 meters of this 100% cotton madras to which TDF said, “Ah, more PJ material.” ARG!! I’m going to make a shirt with it regardless but guess what?! TDF had one of his old buddies over this afternoon and he was BRAGGING about his paisley shirt — the one he won’t wear in public because it’s too loud,  and corduroy jacket. I was in heaven. 😀

I had my hair cut this afternoon and I just couldn’t help myself, I just had to stop at Fabricland again as it was on my way home and I forgot to pick-up a sleeve board. This awesome striped/paisley “quilting” cotton jumped out and grabbed me, I couldn’t resist. I’m going to do some serious pattern matching with this fabric, back, fronts, yokes, no short cuts for me.

I examined the dress forms, they had two models in the store, the Diana and the True Form. There wasn’t much padding on either and they were very wobbly. light, flimsy with thin plastic. The suggested retail price was $500.00! If I had $500.00 to spend on a dress form, I certainly wouldn’t buy one of those cheap models. If I can’t find a Dritz in Toronto, I’ll order My Double from Montreal


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