Well, one of my husband’s friends from Germany has ordered 1 robot t-shirt, 2 ray gun t-shirts and a paisley dress shirt so I’m going to be a little busy this week. I’m not able to do much sewing week days as I just don’t have a lot of time but I can certainly work on the embroideries during the week.

I started my 3rd men’s shirt, the one with paisley on top of various hues of blue stripes. It’s turning out very nicely. I cut the back yoke in a V — chevron, the collar horizontal stripes and the front pocket on the bias. I’m currently trying to match stripes on the arms.

Tomorrow Fabricland is starting a new sale with quilting cotton being one of the items on sale so I’ll be taking advantage of that by purchasing more blue striped paisley and anything else that tickles my fancy!

I need to order more bright paisley from Tonic Living, the only places I’ve been able to find it in Canada.

Yesterday I went shopping with SewTara and hit all the major fabric shops in the area. By far, the Ultimate Sewing Centre had the best selection in quilting cottons and notions of any store I’ve visited, including Toronto! Sadly they’re not good with email or phone communication. I’ve tried emailing and phoning them about a price on the Elnapress and I never received a response either time. Perhaps showing up in person got their attention? I’ll let you know.

This afternoon my husband called me up from the sewing den to inform me that there was a Mitsubishi industrial sewing machine for sale on one of his aquarium forums, he wanted to know if I was interested! WOW! Needless to say I sent him links to all the industrial machines on Kijiji as well as the Reliable zig-zag machine I’m interested in. ;D

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, sew on!


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