Industrial Revolution?

Juki DDL-8500

This afternoon I spoke with Larry, the owner of Canadian Steam Iron and Sewing regarding the Reliable 20U73 ZIG-ZAG machine I was interested in. He told me that if I wanted a straight stitch machine, don’t get a zig-zag and don’t get a combo, your straight stitch will never be perfect, and since he’s been in the business for over 25 years, I have to believe him. He knew the dirt on every single sewing machine manufacturer on the face of the earth, who was sold to who and which lines fell from grace due to switching manufacturing companies. Don’t ask me to reiterate what he said because he spoke so fast my head spun!

JUKI is the only brand he recommends these days. He offered me a new Juki 8500 with a Servomotor for $800.00 and as is typical, this model is retailing for $550.00 – $600.00 in the U.S. Larry recommended buying new instead of used, is that just salesman talk? I looked on Kijiji and there are tons of 5550’s available but I haven’t seen any 8500’s, perhaps they’re too new?

In any case, I’ve posted my Singer Style-O-Matic 328J for sake (on Kijiji), let’s see if I get any nibbles, I have a few more vintage machines to get rid of and perhaps I can save up the balance.


2 thoughts on “Industrial Revolution?

  1. Hi, I’m also interested in purchsing a Juki, though I’m not sure which model. I’m interested in doing home decor and clothing. Are you happy w/your Juki?? Any draw backs?? Also, is the Juki DDL 8500 an older model??

    Any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciate your help and good luck w/your Juki :O)

    • Hi Jolie,

      I did not purchase an industrial machine, I bought a domestic Juki because I needed to make button holes and needed other stitches such as zig-zag and blind hem. I am very happy with my Juki HZL-F600, it does everything I need and more, it is as quiet as a mouse and makes sewing so much easier.

      If you buy an industrial straight stitch, you’ll need another machine for other sewing tasks. If you already have a domestic machine that makes button holes and zig-zag stitches that you’re happy with, you might consider an industrial depending on the amount of sewing you do.

      I personally wouldn’t buy a second-hand industrial from a factory or third party as you don’t know how much they’ve been abused and may need more tune-ups and repairs than what they’re worth. I might consider purchasing a second-hand industrial from home sewer who bought it new.

      If you’re in the Toronto area, give Canadian Steam Iron and Sewing Machine a call and ask to speak to Larry: 416-504-4766

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