Continuing my Industrial Homework

I’ve been on PR all week asking questions about industrial machines. The Juki is still at the top of the list but which model? The 8300 is within my price range but I don’t have a price on the 8700 which is also a contender. Kathleen over at Fashion Incubator suggested that a needle feed machine would suit my needs and it is quite intriguing but may not be in the budget.

I phoned Japan Sewing Machine & Supply Co. today for quotes on various machines. Sadly, I didn’t get pricing but Charlie was terrific and invited me to the shop, he told me to bring my fabric and try out the machines. I don’t want to go until I’ve saved enough to purchase one while I’m there.

I found this interesting video on shirtmaking today, enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Continuing my Industrial Homework

  1. Wow. I gotta say, professional sewing like this intimidates the crap out of me. My father-in-law’s girlfriend does industrial sewing and I’m scared to even mention to her that I sew at all… 🙂

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