Closer to Industrial

I’m <— this much—> closer to owning an industrial sewing machine. I sold two of my vintage machines this weekend, my Singer 348 sold quickly with many, many people interested, she went to a lovely family who’s daughter will be sewing her Brownie badges onto her uniform. Gertrude couldn’t have gone to a better home, a graduated fashion student who has her own successful clothing line and wanted to have a domestic machine for home.

No doubt I will be nominated PR’s “Most delusional listing for vintage machine!” by posting Charlie for sale on Kijiji for a lot of money. However, in my own¬†defense, I have only seen one other for sale and that was in the U.S. So, let’s see how much he sells for. If I can get what I’m asking, I’ll be that much closer to purchasing an industrial machine.

EDIT: I took the Kijiji listing down because I couldn’t delete my Ebay listing despite the fact that there are no bids. Boo!


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