380: What happened to the industrial???

Yesterday, with the help of my husband and tax return, I pulled the trigger on the Juki Exceed F600.

WHAT??? What happened to the industrial machine???

I thought about it a lot. The industrial Juki 3500 I was considering does ONE thing very well, a straight stitch. In reality, I need more than just that. Yes, I have my Sapphire 850 but when it comes to button holes, although it creates beautiful results, is not reliable on all fabrics all the time. I need a strong machine which can sail over seams without struggling and creating tiny stitches, I need a machine that can edge stitch a collar without building a bird’s nest first. And after reading a plethora of information and positive reviews on PatternReview, I think this is the machine I need.

It’s coming early next week and until then, enjoy this goofy video:

11 thoughts on “380: What happened to the industrial???

  1. I can’t believe I watched that whole goofy video, but there was some good information in it. Thanks for sharing. (PS, I think they need to fire their marketing team). Anyway, I’m excited for you! Can’t wait to hear what you think of it when you start using it. I have a Juki TL98Q, just a straight-stitch machine, and I really like it for quilting. I think I would like a model like the Exceed with the various stitches and buttonhole capability. I hope it exceeds your expectations! 🙂

  2. I have this machine since last January and I was waffling about the same thing you were, a straight stitch versus a machien with more stitches. You made a great decision… he is still working perfectly and EASILY sews through 8-10 layers of canvas/cotton on the handle seams of the bags I sew. I adore the thread cutter (don’t know how I lived without it) and it makes sewing so much fun. Where did you buy yours? I got mine directly from the eastern canada Juki rep and he even delivered it to our house personally 🙂 enjoy!

    • I got my Juki from Canadian Steam Iron and Sewing Machine just one block south of Queen St. west and one block west of Spadina (47 Camden St., Toronto). Larry is a great guy, a straight shooter, price matches and knows what he’s talking about. I wouldn’t hesitate to deal with him again in the future and, of course, refer people to him.

      • it’s so nice to find honest sellers these days!

        does he sell the MO-735? I am deciding between getting a coverstitcher (Janome 1000cp(x) or an ELNA 444) as a compliment to my amazing ELNA 654 OR getting a pricier JUKI serger/coverstitcher (because I love my F600).

        where did you get your Janome for that price?

        thanks and it seems we have the same taste in machines etc 🙂

  3. I got my 1000CPX from:

    Brantford Sewing Centre
    383 Colborne Street
    BRANTFORD, Ontario
    N3S 3N4
    Ph: (519)-752-5405

    Dennis will bring it to Bowmanville, he’s there once a week but talk to Larry about the Juki serger, and get him to give you the best price, try to talk him down. 😀

  4. you paid $600 for your Janome right? I paid $1100 tax in for my JUKI F600, what did Larry give it to you for?

    thanks so much for all your help… last year, there weren’t really any JUKI dealers in the city, except one bad one in the Cloverdale mall-she was brutal! I complained to JUKI Canada and that’s why he brought it straight to our house.

    I love haggling 🙂

  5. Yes (Janome), plus tax, it was the very best price I could find anywhere locally. I also paid the same as you for the Juki ❤

    I hate haggling, I'm not good at it at all!

  6. so I ended up buying 2 machines today in Brantford 🙂 I got the Janome 1000CPX and it’s coming in on Wednesday and I also got the ELNA Sew Fun for my daughter at a steal!!

    Thanks again for all your help… you’re quite dreamy in the deal-finding dept 🙂


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