5 thoughts on “Viking Sapphire 850 vs Juki F600 Sewing Machine

  1. I couldn’t see where your hand was when you turned the Juki on, so it looked like it came on all by itself! I thought, wow, it comes with a remote! LOL!

    Nice comparison. I’m kind of bummed about the harp size, that space to the right of the needle, for doing quilting (bigger is better, in that regard). But otherwise, it’s pretty impressive so far. One thing I like better on your F600 than my Juki TL98Q is the thumb screw to change the needle. On mine, I have to get out a screwdriver, which is a pain. Looks like the F600s work more like my old Singers, no tools required.

    • Thanks for your comments P., the harp is 8″ to needle and 5″ tall at the highest point. When I framed the shot, everything was there, somewhere along the way, things got cropped out.

      the screw to change the needle is very handy but it can get in the way if you’re moving your hand in that direction while sewing!

  2. Regarding the Viking 850. You don’t need to press the button to lower the foot. All you need to do is tap the foot pedal. I have had my Saphire 850 for just over a year now, and I just love it. Sure it cost a bit more, but not have to fiddle with everything each time you start a new project, is well worth it.

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