Embroidery Machine Rollercoaster

It started with the Brother HE-240 purchased in December 2010, arrived January 2011 from Costco. Great little beginner machine. I quickly became frustrated that it only stitched out 4″x4″ designs. Then I found a Baby Lock Ellure on Kijiji which stitched out 5″x7″ish, perfect! I returned the Brother for a full refund with the intention of purchasing the Ellure. Then DH started looking around on the forums and before I knew it, I’d cancelled my appointment to purchase the Ellure and sent a flurry of email to unknown sellers.


Well, those sellers turned out to be frauds. Each one was currently in Spain and the machine was at Sears in the U.S. (groan).

I’m not a patient person when it comes to getting what I want but I’m not the only one. I started calling dealers, asking about the Janome 350E. The first dealer I phoned, located closest to my home, quoted me quite high! Okay, that was within budget but perhaps I could do better? Next I called a dealer on the way home from work. Her price? $100.00 less, three times a charm and the third dealer’s quote was $300.00 less than my first quote! She tried to sell me an old Janome 10000 but according to DH and sewing machine guru PoorPigling, the software and technology on that machine are antiquated and not worth the price the dealer was asking but I was |<–  THIS CLOSE   –>| to buying it. What a sucker I could have been!

I called dealer #2 and asked her if she would do better. Initially she tried to sell me a floor model for the same price as dealer #3! I guess I must be a sucker and thank gawd for DH, he was ranting and dealer #2 could hear every word. She caved, said she’d get me a new in box AND a $50.00 store credit, SCORE!! I phone a 4th dealer who wouldn’t budge (and why would she when she was in an out of the way location) and dealer #1 again who claimed her service was better and worth $200.00.

DH had a very good point, whomever give us the best price will also get other sales on supplies, thread, stabilizers, etc… so those who would not come down or match with benefits, have also lost future sales. If there are any dealers reading this, take heed. When you’re too greedy, you loose and not just in the machine sale but in many other ways! Dealer #1 had the lowest rent and a very busy store, she could have easily come down in price.

After work yesterday we drove to the dealer and haggled on the floor model, she would not come down in price and it’s bewildering to me! Why would she sell me a brand new machine and a floor model for the same price??

I’ve spent some time on Embroidery Library and another site looking for in-the-hoop project where you not only embroider the design but also create something at the same time. I think I’m going to embroider a bib for a colleague at work who’s pregnant and a pot holder for my Mother-in-law, there’s so many things I want to make, I’m going to have to invest in a lot of thread and stabilizers!

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