ElnaPress 1004

I found this ElnaPress 1004 on Kijiji for a decent price from someone getting out of a sewing and embroidery small home business. I’m not sure how old it is but the seller claimed she only used it a few times before buying a professional press and tossing this into the closet. However, the upper plate of this press would say otherwise, it appears all scratched but that doesn’t seem to affect it’s ability to press cleanly and neatly.

When I first tried it, I thought that it didn’t get hot enough until I left it on high for an extended period of time by mistake! It got so hot the plastic handle itself was hot, which worried me! This machine will never, never be left plugged in.

This machine does a great job though the pressing area isn’t huge. It’s great for fusing interfacing onto fabric pieces easily and much quicker than a regular iron. I also don’t think it’s very energy efficient but haven’t test it.

I continue to wait for my new in box Janome MC 350E from Sewing Machine Factory Outlet on Lawrence Avenue in Scarborough. I’ll give them a plug even though the lady working the floor when I left my deposit, gave me the stink eye sour face for trying to get the floor machine for a better price.


As mentioned in my earlier post, I’ve continued to look into various

stabilizers and their uses as well as the best needles and thread. Consensus seems to be that Robinson-Anton bobbin thread works the best in the Janome 350, if Sewing Machine Factory Outlet does not carry this brand, the Art of Fabric does and is on my way home from work. Organ and Schmetz embroidery needles seem to be the best and I’ll probably use a variety of thread from Gutermann, Sulky, Robinson-Anton and Madeira. Thus far I’ve only used Gutermann because I can easily buy it from Fabricland which is much closer to my home but I’d really like to get a starter pack of 40 to 50 different colours and have been looking at CanSew.com who offers a 48 Madeira polyester colour set for $114.00 with free shipping. Apparently, polyester thread holds it colour better and doesn’t break as easily as rayon.

More information on embroidery to come as more research is conducted…

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