Waiting, waiting, waiting…

The Toronto CreativFestival , formerly known as the Creative Sewing and Needlework Festival (I’m not fond of the new name) is Friday, April 15th and Saturday the 16th.

I phoned the Sewing Machine Factory Outlet again this past Wednesday to find out why I still hadn’t received my Janome MC350E embroidery only machine and I finally got to speak with Terri again after our initial conversation when we agreed upon price. It’s now been two weeks since I left my deposit.

Apparently, and I confirmed this with another dealer, Janome Canada was/is doing inventory and wasn’t/isn’t shipping either machines or parts during this time. Shipping is to recommence on April 15th which coincides with the first day of the CreativFestival! Why would Janome Canada decide to stop shipping for THREE WEEKS??? BEFORE A PUBLIC TRADE SHOW??? That’s ludicrous! All their distributors are going to be there with nothing (???!!!) to sell.



2 thoughts on “Waiting, waiting, waiting…

  1. I have tried to deal with that store at Vic Park and Danforth a few times over the years and I really can’t stand her. She tries to steer you in different ways, doesn’t listen and is kinda bitchy.

    *sigh, I didn’t realize the Creativ festival was so close, maybe I should’ve waited to buy my machine?

  2. I heard from 3 different stores in Scarborough and Durham that the price of the Janome MC350E will be raised to $1,499.99 for the CreativFestival!! This is an outrageous price. One dealer told me that the MSRP was over $2,000 on this machine, I told her she must be on crack.

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