This is not a car blog but…

So much has been happening and yet so little. An oxymoron, I know.

DH and I have been on the hunt for a new car. Initially we wanted more space as my son is 6’6″  and when we visit my parents in Quebec, I have to sit in the back where it’s currently very cramped in our Honda Civic Hybrid. We’ve considered the Ford Fusion Hybrid, Taurus and Edge, VW Golf Wagon TDI and Volvo V50. The Taurus and Edge came off the list pretty quick due to gas consumption, we drive to work every day (cheaper than GO Transit!). The first Ford dealership we walked into had no customer service so we turned around and walked out.

We test drove a VW Golf Wagon but were underwhelmed. We’d read a number of reviews and watched videos which were much more impressive. The car just felt cheap. We also test drove the Volvo V50 and although I loved it as a passenger, DH didn’t (sob) I’ve always wanted a Volvo wagon since the 80’s.

Then DH discovered the 2012  Ford Focus Titanium Hatchback and although we haven’t tested it yet, we think this might be the car although there’s still not near enough leg room in the back. The model we’re looking at has heated leather seats with dual climate control, the Ford My Touch system and Park Assist.

We cleaned out the Civic Hybrid of all pug hair and debris from winter, looks and smells like a new car again! It’s now up for sale on

In sewing news, I just couldn’t get my mojo working this weekend and felt I got nothing accomplished though I did sew the lining into my trench. I’m just waiting for my Janome MC350E for inspiration!

The CreativFestival is this coming weekend, Tara and I will be attending Saturday, can’t wait!

Happy Monday everyone, we’re 4 days closer to the weekend, check out the Ford Focus park assist:


2 thoughts on “This is not a car blog but…

  1. That park assist is crazy cool. My 6’6″ brother drives a Ford Fusion (not the hybrid). Seems to have almost as much room as our Toyota Avalon, which we bought because it fit our lanky frames better than just about anything. At that time, our daughter was close to 6′ and still had to ride in the back at times, but she had plenty of room in the Avalon. Happy car shopping!

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