The saga continues…

Today I made the very wise decision to call Janome Canada (1-800-663-7428).  I spoke to a gentleman in the wrong department but he was kind enough to help me with my investigation. He looked into the order history of Sewing Machine Factory Outlet. They had only ordered ONE Janome MC 350E on April 5th and it had already been shipped.  I left my deposit of $356.00 on March 25th, eleven days prior to their order. They had not ordered any other MC 350E’s either before or after April 5th.

I asked if they had performed inventory and if head office had been closed. I was informed that inventory was performed for a total of TWO days and shipping was interrupted for ONE day on machines and parts.

I was livid. I have been waiting almost FOUR weeks for my Janome MC 350E. I phoned Sewing Machine Factory Outlet no less than SIX times inquiring about my machine. I received a different answer each time.

I phoned and confronted Terrie at Sewing Machine Factory Outlet, she denied everything Janome Canada told me. Who would you believe? Someone who has nothing to gain, in the wrong department at head office who just wanted to help or a sewing machine dealer?

I’ve written letters to both Janome Canada and Janome Japan for their assistance as well as filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

The saga continues…

3 thoughts on “The saga continues…

  1. Oh, my! This is shameful treatment! It must be particularly galling to remember the floor model they stubbornly refused to sell you at a fair price. I hope this is all resolved to your satisfaction soon!

  2. Yesterday when I read your post, I thought to myself…I bet she’s getting the shuffle because they probably got the machine in, oohed and aahed over it, then sold it to someone else (or the business owner, maybe?) and forgot to reorder. With what you found out today, I’m even more convinced. Shabby customer service, in any case. Hope you can find your machine elsewhere!

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