Dishonest Sewing Machine Dealers Are Everywhere!!!

I just received a call from Janome Canada, the same kind gentleman I spoke to yesterday, who shall remain anonymous. He informed me that a machine used at the CreativFestival was being shipped to Sewing Machine Factory Outlet and that it was probably for me as it was the ONLY MC350E going to them. He alleged that Terrie was going to sell that machine to me as a new machine so my other hunches were correct!!!  I posted on PR asking how you check the stitch count on the Janome MC350E a week or so ago as I was very suspicious.

Mr. Anonymous told me that the best Janome dealer in the Toronto area was a husband and wife team in Brampton. All others in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) didn’t provide service or lessons, you have to send your machine to Janome and eat the expense of shipping yourself. The only other dealer who takes care of any repairs is the one in Oshawa. Sadly, their hours cater to the retired group only.

I asked Mr. Anonymous about the dealer on Queen Street.  He said that Lawrence didn’t provide service or support but honestly, I know that’s a big deal for a lot of people but it isn’t for me. Not once, in the past umpteen years, have I ever had a problem with one of my machines (knocking on wood) and support is not an issue, I can usually figure things out for myself.

That being said, DH found a Brother PE-770 available online, with taxes and shipping, the cost would be $921.99 however, what would I do with myself on a rainy long weekend?

I don’t trust any sewing machine dealers anymore, no matter how nice they seem to be. They’re nice because they want to sell you a machine, that’s it, that’s all, they don’t want to be your best friend, ever! No more deposits either, just say no! Walk away from the sale. Eventually things will change if  sewists unite and stand up for themselves.


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