Honesty really IS the best policy!

Today I am the proud owner of a Janome Memory Craft 350E embroidery machine and I LOVE IT!!!

I would like to thank Sean Q., Sales Manager for Janome Canada Ltd., who was understanding of my situation and enabled me to FINALLY obtain my Janome embroidery machine from an alternate source. Sean went above and beyond the call of duty to make things right with me, he is someone who understands the value of customer service, brand loyalty as well as the power of the internet, I would publicly like to thank him and Janome Canada for all they’ve done for me.

Many events happened yesterday, I was in possession of evidence which proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was truthful and others had been deceitful and dishonest. But forget them, let’s start embroidering!!

As you know, my first embroidery machine was a Brother HE-240 which was a great little entry machine but the 4″ x 4″ embroidery area soon became too small, especially for in-the-hoop projects such as oven mitts and towel toppers. The Janome MC350E has a great reputation as an excellent, affordable embroidery machine.

After un-boxing and setting up the Janome Memory Craft 350E on its own special table, I flipped though the designs and instruction manual. I hooped the 4″x4″ and stitched out a simple wheat pattern which came with the machine then a simple 2 letter monogram. Both came out beautifully, the stitch quality was beautiful.

I’m not sure about the threader, it’s very close to the threader on my ex-Viking Sapphire 850 and I threaded the needle manually the first few times. I’ve managed to get it working adequately but someone without experience with this type of threading system may have a few problems.

I stitched out a dense retro owl design on 2 pieces of cotton with batting between for a potholder. I started using WonderFill thread but it kept breaking, getting twisted and caught around the spool pin so I switched to Gutermann thread which works flawlessly. I’m using Janome pre-wound bobbins which are also working perfectly and were recommended by many MC350E owners.

To format a USB key, turn the MC350E off, insert the key then turn the machine on. That’s it! Remove the key and plug it into your computer, open the MyDesign file and drag and drop your JEF files. Unplug the USB key from you computer and plug it back into the embroidery machine without turning anything on or off. Press the USB icon and select the “MyDesign” folder. You should be able to page though the designs you’ve loaded onto your USB key. Yes, it really is that easy!

When you’re stitching out a design, have a printed copy available to look at or have the image displayed your computer screen so that you can refer to the colours being stitched out, especially if you don’t follow the colours selected for that particular design.


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